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Raffi, the white eagle

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  • Raffi, the white eagle

Raffi, the White Eagle is a magical motivational story, capable of opening hearts and teaching children of all ages to fly. Raffi is a young eagle, shy and clumsy, misunderstood by her parents and mocked by her peers.
Her attempts to fly fail repeatedly, until the day she finds herself lost, alone and far from her nest.

But that will also be the moment of his meeting with Chouka, the old and wise owl, who will change his life and his destiny forever. Thanks to her new friend, she will experience important adventures, she will discover self-confidence and know the value of friendship.

His wings will open to life, in a flight that will fascinate all young readers.


Why read this book?

Raffi, the White Eagle is a beautiful story for children and adults. It's definitely a nice thought for a gift.

This educational story full of magic and suggestions was born from the union of the pen of Claudia Rainville and Riccardo Geminiani, a children's writer.

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