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The school of Happiness

Metamedicine represents a bridge between the body and the spirit.

It was created in 1987 by its founder Claudia Rainville, biologist, speaker and writer of several best sellers translated into many languages.
For more than 35 years Claudia has been studying the connection between physical or relational disorders and the deep emotions that we may have experienced and which may have been the cause of an internal imbalance.

He has helped thousands of people discover the root causes of their ailments and get rid of them.
Today he trains consultants in different countries who follow his valuable teachings and help others through individual consultations and thematic seminars that are offered all over the world.

Metamedicine allows us to harmonize every part of us , dissolving blocks, wounds and beliefs that condition our lives.

It helps us rediscover well-being and the joy of living. This is why it is also called the School of Happiness . Through individual sessions, seminars and workshops , Metamedicine provides precious tools that help us become aware of what is recorded in our unconscious and affects our well-being every day .

Often our behaviors, emotions, reactions to life events, even our physical symptoms can be linked to the filters with which we look at the world and relate to it. Our ailments can be messages that the body sends us to awaken our conscience.

If you got here you deserve to be happy

There come times in life when we wonder what we did wrong:

• Why can't we be happy?

• Why do we have recurring physical symptoms?

• Why do we continually repeat the same painful experiences?

• Why do certain illnesses or accidents happen to us?

Could it be that our physical discomfort or pain comes to teach us something?

Maybe life would like us to follow the path of joy, but we don't listen to it and then pain becomes the only way it has to communicate with us. Yet stopping suffering is possible if we learn to understand the language of our soul to be able to listen to our true needs through emotions and become the parents we would have liked to have as children.

the truth cannot be taught,
everyone has the task
of discovering their own.


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