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The alchemy of love

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  • The alchemy of love

From Claudia Rainville, founder of metamedicine, the book to find balance as a couple.

When we see the low percentage of happy couples, the increasing number of unions breaking up or when we ourselves experience a disappointing romantic relationship, it makes us wonder: is a life together really possible?

So many people love each other, but don't understand each other and end up closing themselves off and getting bogged down in power struggles. Instead of being teammates on the journey of growing up as a couple , they fight to be right with each other.

"The Alchemy of Love" will finally allow them to know and understand each other better. It will help women realize their professional careers without sacrificing their femininity. And it will help men reconcile kindness with authority.

It will help re-establish the balance between the masculine and the feminine within each of us and in the couple's relationship , paving the way for androgynous couples to be able to build the foundations of a New Consciousness for a new humanity.

Reconcile the masculine and the feminine to experience the alchemy of love in your couple.

A book that we should all read, even before being a couple...

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