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The Seven Lenses

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  • The Seven Lenses

" The Seven Lenti " is a fairy tale for adults and children, a story that talks about faith, creative potential, perseverance, dreams and achieving one's goals, in a delicate way and with simple, child-proof .

After the success of " Raffi the White Eagle ", the bestselling author Claudia Rainville , founder of Metamedicina, and the writer Riccardo Geminiani return to amaze us with another precious work.

The book, written by the bestselling author Claudia Rainville, founder of Metamedicina, and the writer Riccardo Geminiani, tells of three children walking on the prairie while asking themselves important questions about life.

A shepherdess, hearing their conversations, decides to accompany them to discover some great existential truths and tells them the story of the seven lenses, given by a fairy to seven elves to help them light the fire.

But of all the goblins, only one will be able to use the lens in the right way and release the mystery and wonder of fire...

This enchanting tale, accompanied by illustrations by Disegnata® , is an evocative, motivational and educational journey that allows the reader to develop the creative potential.

A book suitable both for children, who are curious to gradually address the big questions of existence, and for adults, who are currently going through their own journey of inner growth.

The events of " The Seven Lenti " are imbued with magic, capable of stimulating the imagination and touching the hearts of readers of all ages.

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