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I open the door to my new life

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  • I open the door to my new life

This book is a therapeutic journey of self-analysis, a sort of self-psychotherapy.

"I Open the Door to My New Life" is the new edition of the book Change Your Life , literally rewritten by the Author to make it more responsive to the needs of her readers.

  • Aren't you tired of always falling back into the same painful situations?
  • Wouldn't you like to change your life?

This book tells life stories, all authentic, which will help you undertake a journey of self-analysis and self-psychotherapy: a journey in stages, with exercises and moments in which to take stock again.

What to ask yourself:

  • How to be yourself?
  • How to change the film of our life?
  • How does an emotion arise and evolve?

You will discover how not to underestimate yourself and eliminate the negative image of yourself; you will learn to accept yourself, know yourself and love yourself; you will train yourself to stimulate creativity and develop emotions.

You will understand that you are able to mobilize your strengths and talents to move towards the change you desire.

You will learn how important it is to make decisions, and how much these influence your feelings and life choices.

«This book is a sort of self-psychotherapy. It contains tools that, if applied, will produce extraordinary results in your life and relationships with others. Like all my other books, it aims to touch as many people as possible, so that many can benefit from the discoveries that have enabled me, and thousands of others, to change their lives for the better. The stories you will read are all authentic."

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