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“My life for the Light” is the autobiography, spiritual and otherwise, of Claudia Rainville, the founder of Metamedicina, known throughout the world for ...
Millions of people live in fear of not being able to make ends meet, others are aware of being trapped in mechanisms of self-destruction...
Reading symptoms as messages from the body: a simple key, based on enormous case studies, to understand what's behind an illness. Ten...
Have you had enough of suffering, of continually reliving the same scenarios of suffering? Of feeling helpless in the face of relationship difficulties...
From Claudia Rainville, founder of metamedicine, the book to find balance as a couple. When we see the low percentage of female couples...

Books for children

Raffi, the White Eagle is a magical motivational story, capable of opening hearts and teaching children of all ages to fly. Raffi is a young...
"The Seven Lenti" is a fairy tale for adults and children, a story that talks about faith, creative potential, perseverance, dreams and achieving goals...

Video Courses (in multiple languages)

Meta 3 - the language of symptoms

The video course examines the different systems of the human body, briefly illustrates their functioning and discusses the symbolism they represent. The theoretical presentation is correlated with numerous practical examples.

Metamedicine Summit

1st Metamedicina online summit with Claudia Rainville, Yvan Herin and 15 consultants – animators of Metamedicina. Giving meaning to the journey of life is the theme that defines the common thread. The speakers walk through the stages of life with you through food for thought and the sharing of their experiences.

Other products (in Italian)

Metamedicine Cards

72 rose-scented cards containing the most beautiful messages in the words of the founder Claudia Rainville.
They can be used during a consultation or simply as a game to bring us closer to our current needs.

Audio Meditation

Do you already know your Spiritual Guide?
Claudia Rainville's magical meditation for her students is finally available to everyone, with the splendid music of Rino Capitanata .

Free videos with Claudia Rainville

Our skin speaks to us: let's listen to it

My body speaks and I listen to it

Every symptom a message

Open the door to abundance

The Metamedicine approach

Metamedicine pills. Onychomycosis.

The keys to Metamedicine: bronchitis

The Energy of Healing

Discover the origin of your symptoms to feel well

How Metamedicine works

Open the door to abundance 2

Reconciling Masculine and Feminine

Reconcile Masculine and Feminine 2

The Alchemy of love

Sandro Carriero interviews Claudia Rainville

What is Metamedicine?

What are the symptoms that are telling me?

Transformer en profoundur sa vie de guérir

Feminino & masculino reconciling

Fall Symptom a mensagem

Videos by Metamedicina animators

AFFECTIVE ADDICTION: the diabolical triangle

with Rossella Shneiter Malpangotti


with Alexandra Francesca d'Alessandro

ANGER and related disorders

with Alexandra Francesca d'Alessandro

Meet your inner child

You make me feel…

Suffering and pain... to avoid or to endure?

with Rossella Shneiter Malpangotti

Ego, selfishness, selfishness

with Alexandra Francesca d'Alessandro

Why do Metamedicine courses

with Alexandra Francesca d'Alessandro and Marisa Rigoni

Living free from emotional addictions

with Rossella Shneiter Malpangotti and Marica Cavallo

Discovering your talents

With Rossella Shneiter Malpangotti and Sabina Vallerga

How to handle children's arguments

with Rossella Shneiter Malpangotti and Giusi Ferrario

Weight issues

with Alexandra Francesca d'Alessandro

How your life changes when you follow a personal growth journey

Events are neutral: you create the drama

Metamedicine and back pain

Live or Survive?

Excerpts from the Metamedicina Summit 2023

Liberation mémoire émotionnelle

emotional dependency

Metamedicina de Claudia Rainville in Mexico

Emotional memory

Metamedecine Quebec

Is it possible to be happy?

Or what is your body trying to dizer?

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