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Heal the wounds of the past

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  • Heal the wounds of the past

Have you had enough of suffering, of continually reliving the same scenarios of suffering?
Do you feel helpless in the face of relationship difficulties?

To find yourself faced with power struggles or closures of the one or the one you love?

Are there solutions, a way out to get rid of it?

Is it possible to find happiness for those who come from a difficult environment, who have suffered from emotional deficiencies or have been victims of abuse?

Healing the wounds of the past offers the reader a therapeutic path that allows them to recognize and transform their own scenarios of suffering , to free themselves from emotional dependence , from power struggles and finally to know the serenity of a peaceful and harmonious couple relationship.


Why read this book?

“Healing the wounds of the past” is dedicated to those who want to know more about the wounds linked to emotional relationships.

This book contains the story of anyone who lives in painful emotional relationships and wants to know a way to heal them. Thanks to this book, it is possible to learn to recognize our wounds and the way in which we awaken the wounds of those around us.

By going back to the causes of our wounds (almost always in our past) we can understand their origin and finally build harmonious emotional relationships , freeing ourselves from our emotional dependencies .

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