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Claudia Rainville

Claudia Rainville is a microbiologist, best-selling writer, speaker, founder of Metamedicine.

Born in Quebec in a modest environment, her father is not present and her mother has to do various jobs to support the family.

Her sensitivity leads her to withdraw and take refuge in her world, dedicating herself to the study of biology and microbiology. In 1982 she was called to participate in the creation of the microbiology department of the Pierre Boucher hospital in Longueuil.

A terrible feeling of being alone and misunderstood by her loved ones leads her to want to put an end to her days.

At thirty-two she was declared clinically dead after a suicide attempt. But her love allows her to awaken and following this painful experience she begins a new life which has her happiness as its objective.

Claudia met Lise Bourbeau , and in August 1984 she turned over a new leaf and became a full-time volunteer in her “ Écoute ton corps ” centre.

In 1985 she opened the first branch of  Écoute ton corps , becoming co-animator of Lise Bourbeau and coordinator of the development of the same centre.

coute ton corps center to be able to express all the creativity she had held back to remain faithful to Lise.

He then founded the  inner harmonization center “L'Éveil Radieux” , where he carried out individual and group therapy.

He studies the functioning of the limbic brain and creates the seminar « Liberation of emotional memory », which has allowed and still allows thousands of people to transform their lives.


In the spring of 1988 she " received the message" that she had to leave overseas and that her "Master" was waiting for her to initiate her.

All she knows is that she must go to Findhorn Gardens, but she is certain that she must leave. To do this you will have to leave everything behind you, your children, your family, your friends, the Center to which you have given yourself body and soul.

This path, which Claudia recounts in her book  My life for the light - From depression to happiness,  leads her to southern India where she meets Sathya Sai Baba.

later  travels to the Himalayas where he meets His Holiness the Dalai Lama . This meeting will have a fundamental importance in her life because of her Holiness the Dalai Lama will become her reference, her model, the one who inspires her to make Metamedicine an instrument of Compassion  and  Awakening  of conscience.

On 14 September 1989 Claudia Rainville published the first book "Participating in the Universe - Healthy in body and spirit". This book, revised and enriched, will become her best-seller 1995: Every Symptom is a Message

In 1991 he again felt he had to leave for India where he saw the Master Sathya Sai Baba again, met the Great Master of Béas, followed training at the Brahma Kumaris University, met Mother Teresa of Calcutta , took part in training on Buddhism and found his his teacher His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Since then he has written several books that have been translated into multiple languages, held numerous seminars and conferences in many countries, and trained hundreds of people in his approach. 

Currently Claudia continues to hold Metamedicina training in Italy and other countries, she dedicates herself to writing and spreading her values ​​with the aim of creating a new world.