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Open the door to abundance

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  • Open the door to abundance

Millions of people live in fear of not being able to make ends meet, others are aware of being trapped in mechanisms of self-sabotage, which however they do not know how to free themselves from. Some do not realize that they are closing the door on wealth and console themselves by repeating that money is not what matters in life; still others are convinced that economic prosperity is simply something they are not destined for…

This book is not a collection of recipes to attract money: rather, it offers the reader self-therapy regarding his economic difficulties. In the first part we learn to free ourselves from what, in us, prevents us from accessing prosperity; in the second we learn how to activate within ourselves those energies that can favor it. To realize that there is nothing wrong with talking about money and wealth, and that aspiring to economic well-being is not only possible, but is in no way an obstacle (indeed!) to spiritual and internal well-being.


Why read this book?

“The social and economic crisis of recent years has caused many people to experience disorders linked to the fear of lack. Whether it was true poverty or the fear that they would lack resources, money, work or opportunities, it did not leave unscathed even some members of my family, some of my collaborators or people for whom I had admiration, and who , despite doing their best, they found themselves having to face economic problems.

It was then that I realized that the time had come to write this book, to remind those people that they themselves are the creators of the economic situation in which they find themselves and that they have the power to change it .

If you are among those who believe they were less fortunate than others, or that they did not get the support they needed, this book will show you that you have created limits for yourself. But it will also show you how to overcome them to create abundance instead.”

Claudia Rainville

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