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Metamedicine Seminars

In addition to private consultations , Metamedicine offers you a vast choice of seminars and courses that develop different themes and allow you, thanks to group work and deep interior work on yourself, to understand and untie knots that condition your life.

It consists of seminars lasting a weekend , which can be attended freely by anyone, and week-long courses .

Here are the sheets with the descriptions of all the seminars

All seminars and courses can be attended both with the aim of personal growth and as part of training in Metamedicine.

Weekend seminars

LME Liberation of Emotional Memory
20 hours

• Do you experience recurring or chronic symptoms? • Do you sometimes feel lonely/or sad? • Do you find yourself in situations or relationships that you don't like? There is a reason for all this: The emotions experienced since the fetal state are recorded in our emotional memory and influence our choices and our life. Would you like to rewrite the script of your life, leaving behind everything that prevents you from feeling good and fulfilling yourself?

Mental- Ego
16 hours
• Feeling unlucky? • Are you often afraid of not making it? • Do you ever judge or judge yourself? • Do you often find yourself at the mercy of your thoughts? Our mental can be very useful to us in many situations but it can keep us stuck in many others, to the point of feeling like a victim of circumstances and of ourselves. Would you like to find out if you also wear some limiting masks and how to recognize them and get rid of them?
Affective Addictions
16 hours

• Do you sometimes suffer from loneliness? • Do you struggle to say "no"? • Are you worried about losing the one you love? • Do you expect the other to do something for you? Sometimes we have the feeling that something or someone is always missing in our relationships and affections. This need for love can affect and ruin our relationships. Would you like to let go of the bondage of addiction and create healthy, harmonious and fulfilling relationships?

Develop your creative potential
16 hours
• Do you feel like you're constantly making efforts without achieving great results? • Are you struggling to achieve your goals? • Are you sure your goals are truly yours? Sometimes we have unconscious blocks that prevent us from achieving our goals and cloud our potential. Would you like to see clearly what your path is and make your dreams come true?
Open the door to abundance
16 hours
• Do you aspire to grow financially, in your relationships, in your affections or in other areas of your life? • Do you sometimes feel like you're only getting crumbs? • Do you think your life can improve? Often limiting beliefs are recorded in our emotional memory that block the flow of abundance. Would you like to recognize them and transform them to finally activate the energy of prosperity?
Being Yourself
16 hours
• Are you always what others expect of you? • What would happen if you really showed or behaved as you are? Maybe you learned to be what you thought others expected of you and not what you really wanted to be. Do you know why? Today you can become aware of the mechanisms and beliefs that boycott you and rediscover the harmony and joy of simply being you.
Masculine and feminine reconciled
20 hours
• Do you find yourself experiencing conflicts in your emotional relationships? • Do you ever feel misunderstood by your partner? • Or do you always have to have everything under control? In each of us, man or woman, there is a feminine part and a masculine part. Both are important, one is our sensitive and welcoming part, the other is the one that makes us act, decide and direct. Sometimes it is possible that, for various reasons, the two sides are not balanced. Would you like to put the two parts back in harmony and achieve a healthy balance?
LMA Liberation of the Memory of the Soul
20 hours

• Do you happen to have sensations whose origin you don't understand? • Do you experience situations or memories that don't seem to belong to your family system? • Do you feel like you've known someone forever? The Soul has no age and distant memories are hidden within us that go beyond our earthly existence. If you have already freed everything that belonged to your family environment, you are ready to find the seed of your ancient memories. Prerequisite Metamedicine 2

Talent Workshop
16 hours
• What do you think talent is? • Do you think you have it? • Does what you do in life match who you really are? If you happen to not be able to fulfill yourself, if you wake up in the morning and are not happy doing what you do or if, despite doing what you like, you don't feel completely satisfied, you may struggle to recognize your deepest talents. Would you like to go and rediscover them to make the best use of them?
Conscious Parents
16 hours

• Will I be raising my children right? • Does being a parent sometimes make me feel overwhelmed by responsibilities? When you become a parent, many worries can arise and the fear of having few tools to deal with the various stages of growth. This seminar supports you, identifying the various facets of the delicate task of parenting and giving you the useful tools to achieve it.

I Create My Life (for teenagers)
16 hours
• Do you ever feel like you don't know how to manage your emotions? • Do you happen to live with anxiety? • Would you like to get along well with others? • Are you afraid of not making it? A unique experience of sharing between peers to discover the potential of one's emotions and feelings.
20 hours

This seminar is aimed at people in training who wish to acquire the necessary preparation to take part in Metamedicine courses as an assistant. The person in training has the opportunity to understand how an Emotional Memory Liberation seminar develops by actively participating in it Prerequisite: LME, Metamedicine 1, 2, 3

One week courses

45 hours

• Do you really know who you are?
• Do you recognize others to collaborate harmoniously with them?
• Do you sometimes let yourself be sabotaged by your own Ego?
• Do you know your intuition?
A seminar, full of emotions and discoveries. Aimed at those who want to get to know each other better and overcome their emotional blocks, at those who want to deal with helping relationships and also at all operators who wish to have additional keys for their work.

45 hours

• Do you think you know how to listen? • How is a Metamedicine consultation carried out? • Would you like to become a consultant? In this seminar you will learn to listen to others, to understand the difference between feeling and emotion, you will begin to use the keys of Metamedicine, to discover the equations of the unconscious and how to transform them, to extrapolate the life lessons to integrate. Especially recommended for those who decide to embark on the path to becoming a Consultant

45 hours
Every Symptom is a message. The Course to understand body language through physical symptoms. Through the use of the keys of Metamedicine you will learn how to recognize the emotional origin of symptoms and ailments, to understand the message and take the transformative action necessary to get rid of the disorder.
45 hours

Experience and repetition are the best teachers: An experiential week to learn the method by listening to real cases. During this seminar, assessments of people in training who wish to take the exam to become consultants will be held. All cases will be dealt with directly by Claudia Rainvillle at a later time, and always within the group. Prerequisite: LME, Metamedicine 1, 2, 3

45 hours
A stop for the heart and mind. A favorable time to rest, breathe, give relief to the heart from our hectic lives, meet the divine in silence, revive faith, reflect on the meaning of existence, distance ourselves before important decisions. A week together in a wonderful monastery in the Bergamo hills with teachings in the morning and various activities in the afternoon.