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Every symptom a message

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  • Every symptom a message

Reading symptoms as messages from the body: a simple key, based on enormous case studies, to understand what's behind an illness. Ten years of work in the field of microbiology have provided the Author with the rigor and method of investigation and analysis necessary for this research, which itself lasted nineteen years.

The personal experience of the disease (cancer, chronic back pain, nervous depression and a number of operations) and the complete self-healing that followed led her to test her belief with others: there is a correlation between symptom and profound cause, confirmed by the personal experiences of thousands of men and women who have turned to Claudia Rainville.

If you are among those who wonder about the profound meaning of their illness, this book could lead you to the ultimate causes and start a true self-healing process.

This is the fundamental manual of the various Metamedicine schools active in three continents. After selling more than 15,000 copies in Italy, it returns in this new expanded and entirely revised edition.


Why read this book?

“Every symptom is a message 2.0” is the perfect book for those who don't know Metamedicine and want to know what it is. We recommend this book for those approaching Metamedicine for the first time. The previous version of this book has changed the lives of thousands of people. And it continues to be the most read Metamedicine book with more than 150,000 copies sold in Italy (as of May 2015). By reading the book "Every symptom is a message" you will understand the connection between emotions and symptoms, because our body chooses to send us a signal to awaken us and lead us to listening to the symptom.

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