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What is Metamedicine?

Metamedicine in brief

The Greek prefix meta means "beyond", "beyond" medicine, in addition to traditional treatments. Metamedicine can be combined with traditional and alternative medicine to also look for the possible emotional causes that gave rise to the disorders .

By reconstructing the history of a disorder, an illness or a profound malaise, going back as far as possible to the appearance of the first symptoms, it is possible to re-establish that harmony between body and soul which often contributes to the resolution of the cause that gave rise to the disorder.

A deep listening that can integrate with other methods

When it is necessary to make a diagnosis, intervene to correct a dysfunction or repair a tissue, allopathic medicine can successfully do its part. Following the path of self-healing does not mean you no longer need doctors or treatments. Often our body needs help to repair the affected parts, but if only the physical manifestations are addressed, the cause could continue to work and spread, just like a weed that is torn up without eradicating its roots.

The deep listening that characterizes Metamedicine allows us to understand the cause of physical ailments or disorders in order to get rid of them permanently.

does it work?

Metamedicine operators do not make diagnoses and do not offer treatments but they help you trace the appearance of the symptom , the moment in which it manifested itself and above all the emotions and feelings you felt in that context and which could be the profound cause of this what do you try today.

They use a series of relevant questions to take you inside yourself to become aware of the cause of your suffering

Through the Keys of Metamedicine, an interview is organized with the consultant who, listening to your deep needs, will help you understand the messages of your body to arrive at an enlightening awareness that will allow you to see the situation in a completely new way . Subsequently, through the unique and precious method of "Liberation of Emotional Memory" specific to Metamedicine , the Metamedicine Consultant will help you to let go of beliefs, blocks and limitations that may have given rise to physical disorders, relational difficulties or limiting scripts that are repeated .

The answers you are looking for are already all within you ! Metamedicine allows you to see them clearly, understand them and transform them.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

  • I read a book on Metamedicine and found it interesting, how can I learn more?

    You can contact an authorized consultant to have a private conversation, you can listen to free conferences, participate in workshops lasting a few hours or sign up for one of the beautiful experiential seminars innprogramma. You can find all the dates worldwide in the events calendar.

  • What does a Metamedicine session consist of?

    A "consult" consists of an interview with a Metamedicine operator in which you can feel welcomed, listened to and can express your deep needs. Through pertinent questions the operator will help you understand what is already inside you and if necessary, through the unique method of the Liberation of Emotional Memory he will help you transform the perception of some events that may have contributed to influencing your life.

  • How much does a Metamedicine consultation cost?

    Interviews with the official operators that you find on the site have prices that can vary from €50 to €150 depending on the qualification (Help Report, Consultant, Animator) and the years of experience gained.

  • What is a Metamedicine seminar?

    A Metamedicine seminar is a group meeting that takes place over several days, often thematic, with theoretical parts, experiential exercises, but above all a lot of sharing in which the participants act as "mirrors" of one another and help each other, under the guidance of the animator they become aware of their own dynamics to overcome which are often resolved quickly.

  • Where are Metamedicine courses held?

    Metamedicine seminars and courses take place in many countries around the world, in Italy at the moment there is the greatest expansion where there are many dates in many cities. The seminars are continuously repeated and the calendar is constantly updated. You can also participate in online events often held in different languages ​​or purchase video courses.

  • How do I enroll in a course?

    You can consult the event calendar, select the event you are interested in and in the relevant tab you will find the organizers' contacts, costs and registration forms.

  • How does the Metamedicine path work?

    The metamedicine path is completely free and it is possible to choose where and when to register for the different seminars. On the "Metamedicine Path" page you will find all the details.

  • How do you become a Metamedicine consultant?

    To become Metamedicine consultants you must first have worked a lot on yourself, have thoroughly understood the method in order to then be able to teach it to others. The path consists of seminars and courses (some compulsory and others optional) which can be attended in total freedom. You can find all the information on the "Metamedicine Path" page

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