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Vanessa Alexandra Sings

  • Consultant
  • Lecturer


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  • Italy
  • Switzerland


  • Pavia, Lugano, ONLINE


My inner journey begins since childhood, where profound questions about the soul, the universe and the true meaning of this life were part of me. This was accompanied by the use of the voice with singing, which allowed me and still allows me to express a vibration and love that goes beyond the rational.

It is no coincidence that life led me to obtain a degree in Nursing and numerous specializations in Psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology, Mindfulness and many other scientific and holistic disciplines in order to best approach people's well-being. For almost 25 years I worked in a hospital in contact with people in need of care and attention every day and through a personal journey of research and the encounter with the life philosophy of Metamedicine I discovered a different and deeper meaning of body language, of the mind and emotions also through different holistic disciplines and the in-depth study of the latest scientific research on Psychosomatics in this regard.  

The diagnosis of an autoimmune disease and the personal vicissitudes of my life that followed led me to ask myself 2 fateful questions: "Who am I?" and "why don't I love myself"? After a short while he began working on me and carrying out intense research and study. A work of self-awareness that also allowed me to meet Claudia and Metamedicine. Deep listening, being able to accompany all those who wish to become aware of the meaning of their physical and emotional discomforts, to free themselves from repetitive patterns; it now represents that piece that was missing in my life and continues every day to give answers to my internal questions and make me take further steps.

If I had to summarize what I feel in an extraordinary phrase by P. Picasso I would say: ''The meaning of your life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away.'' Currently, not only in my work as a Consultant and Lecturer of Metamedicina, but also by collaborating with the SII Center of Lugano, the Life Sound Institute of Zurich and with singing with concerts in which one can experience sound and its benefits, I have found the path to follow: going straight to the heart, bringing Awareness in the world, helping those who suffer to recognize and find themselves by exploring the world of emotions.

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