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Rossella Schneiter-Malpangotti

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  • Italian
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  • Italy
  • Switzerland


  • Riazzino, Ticino, Switzerland, Online


I learned to love life with Metamedicine! As a child I believed that to be loved you had to be perfect, which led me to be very demanding of myself and others, never feeling up to situations. this created great tension and back pain starting from the age of 18.

It was after the birth of my two children that I began to see that I no longer had control of my life. I started to feel a deep discomfort. As a teacher, I no longer felt enthusiasm for the job but I didn't have the courage to leave it. However, one day my body gave me the necessary signals I needed to leave a job where I didn't feel fulfilled.

With the support of my family, I undertook training in naturopathy. In 2004 I read Metamedicina. Every symptom is a message. From the first pages I felt that the message that reached me through Claudia's words was very important for my life. This made me want to meet her and get to know her.

I signed up for one of his seminars in Switzerland in 2009. I became aware of the behaviors and beliefs that I had built up throughout my life and which influenced me. this gave me the desire to know myself better and to understand the origin of my problems and difficulties in everyday life. This is how my journey of knowledge and personal and professional growth began.

Today Metamedicine belongs to my daily life, it has entered my family and my work. For me it is a real pleasure to use its keys, which have allowed me to improve my life, to help other people find serenity and the joy of living. Thanks Claudia!

8 Via alle Scuole
Lavertezzo, Ticino
Switzerland 6595

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