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Lucia Scavo

  • Consultant
  • Lecturer


  • Italian


  • Italy


  • Torre Faro (ME), Palermo, Online


I met Metamedicina in 2011, after yet another severe depression, also very difficult due to a twenty-year eczema that seemed incurable. At the end of the Metamedicina 1 seminar I instinctively asked that "the light that I carried in my name be turned on to illuminate my path, but also that of those who would approach".

After about two years, upon the unexpected invitation of Dr. Rainville who wanted my presence on the site, I began to work for the help relationship. So it is starting from what I have gradually experienced, gone through, understood and transformed thanks to the keys of Metamedicine that I feel the joy of sharing Who I am, at the service of the Other, with the intention of promoting the knowledge of what is profound and dysfunctional affects the dynamics of his life following the possible unfavorable interpretations of events, family memories and transgenerational beliefs, and from question to question induce with loving sweetness in people the possible transformation of related emotions and unresolved feelings, towards a rediscovery well-being, given that the symptom shows how a misunderstood part has lost its way and asks us to pay attention to it in order to find it again. By embracing the full responsibility of life, by welcoming ourselves completely, especially in the painfully suffering parts, the direction becomes clearer. The approach was immediately congenial to me and so the problem of "exaggerated sensitivity" which had been painfully pointed out to me all my life, found a way to become a solution. I also trained as a holistic imaginalist operator and as a facilitator of Family Constellations I am available upon invitation. I have experienced in-depth analysis of psychogenealogy and above all the vision of the now well-established correlation often present between the symptoms and the members of one's family tree, especially where "unseen". I studied theater and film acting, and diction; experimented with the Feldenkrais method, but also with Bach and Australian flowers. Creating inspired jewelery has been my way of meditating and recharging for over forty years, of offering the energy of realization in the joint presence of the feminine and the masculine, in the perception that creativity and art nourish and cheer up my ancient soul. Metamedicine consultant since 29 September 2015, I obtained the diploma of holistic counselor with imaginal approach in May 2017, also trained as an operator in transgenerational analysis and facilitator of family constellations, strategic and verbal counselor-coach. Reiki 1st level. Advanced DNA Theta healer.

Torre Faro, Sicily
Italy 98164

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