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Cosetta Mastrototaro

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  • Italy


  • Verona, Padua, Venice, Online


I learned about Metamedicine through Claudia Rainville's books.

One day a friend told me that there was a book that explained how an ailment or illness could originate from feelings and emotions linked to our emotional memory. At the time, I had already started a journey of personal growth which helped me to have much more confidence in myself, but there was something inside me that told me that I had to go much deeper, and better understand why, certain patterns recurred regularly in my life. So without knowing either the author or the title of this book, described by my friend, casually (but nothing is by chance), my husband, during one of our visits to the bookshop, found Claudia's book on a shelf " Every symptom is a message”, this is how I began my journey with Metamedicine.

At first I read all Claudia Rainville's books, then searching on the internet, I found the Metamedicina website, and I saw that there was a seminar on "Liberation of emotional memory", right in Verona, my city, I decided to sign up, with quite a bit of "resistance" on my part, but with a lot of enthusiasm, and I found myself, with the help and delicacy of wonderful operators, doing a great job on myself, and, once the great jar of emotions had been opened, even with moments of pain, little by little, I understood the patterns that were blocking me. One of these was the imposition I suffered as a child from my parents, who, with the awareness of now, I understand that they too, in turn, had suffered it from their parents. This imposition, experienced as a child, led me as an adult to not be able to make choices on my own, everything was imposed on me, the choice of school, work, the house to live in, and when I tried to do something that I had chosen , and which gave me satisfaction, as soon as this was about to take shape, I boycotted it, I destroyed everything, because "I didn't give myself the right" to choose something for myself that could make me happy. Later I also worked on other schemes, with Metamedicine I understood what my Inner Child wanted to communicate to me, through a feeling of discomfort or a state of discomfort, and with the Love and trust that I gave to my Child, she helped me helped to overcome many trials. Of course I continue to "peel the onion", and when I find a little work to do, I know that I am getting closer and closer to my true essence, more and more free from the limiting conditions we find during our existence. I thank all the Metamedicine Operators, "Light Workers", as I call them, who helped me believe in myself in order to become a guide for others, and of course I thank Claudia, who with her great love gave us the “joy of discovering how to be yourself”. In addition to using the keys of Metamedicine, I participated in a professional training course in Integrated Systemic Communication and in a Course in Generative Leadership in the field of Integrated Systemic Communication conducted by Prof. Giancarlo Terracciano (Life Coach and Executive Coach in NLP), I attended of training courses on dream interpretation with Marie Noelle Urech, I attended an advanced course “Many lives, many masters” for past life regression with Dr. Brian Weiss and I attended the courses on "Transgenerational Biological Decoding", "The emotional memory of uterine life" and "Regression to previous lives" with Dr. Jesus Casla.  

13 Piazza Angelo Righetti
Verona, Veneto
Italy 37125

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