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Gianfranco Begalli

  • Animator
  • Consultant


  • Italian


  • Italy


  • Verona, Padua, Venice, Online


I approached Metamedicine out of curiosity in May 2010, after my wife Cosetta participated in her first seminar on "Liberation of Emotional Memory" and after seeing a positive change in her, I thought it would also be a useful experience. for me.

I still remember with joy that first seminar of mine, I was fearful like a child starting the first day of school, but also curious to see how this new adventure could change my life and, Metamedicine changed my way of seeing life .

When I started this journey I had no particular physical problems, I was not looking for physical wellbeing, but rather spiritual wellbeing, something that would take away all the fears, misunderstandings and paranoia that only the mind can create. All these things were a legacy of the depression I had had many years ago. I came out of it by sewing a series of masks on myself that protected me from the outside world, so that I, being a hypersensitive person, would no longer be hurt by them. With Metamedicine I found a way to remove these masks, I understood that I was not wrong and that no one in this world is wrong, we are all different but fundamentally all the same. I started this journey with curiosity, without knowing where it would take me, then I became passionate thinking about my personal growth and then in the end I fell in love with this wonderful world. Now I put my experience at the service of every person who needs it, with humility, simplicity and joy, knowing that every person is a gift from God and as such she is sacred! By applying my professional knowledge together with Metamedicine I have created tools to rebalance people through the home they live in, considering the home not as an inert body but as the extension of our body and our soul.

In addition to using the keys of Metamedicine, I attended NLP courses with Giancarlo Terracciano (Life Coach and Executive Coach in NLP), becoming a Generative Leader, I acquired training on Dream Interpretation with Marie Noelle Urech, I attended the activation seminar for I open the Akashic Records and use the “12 steps of Ho'Oponopono” having had the activation by the master Ihaleakala Hew Len. Professional Holistic Operator, SIAF certificate of professional competence with n. VE779P-OP.

78 Via Madonna
Pescantina, Veneto
Italy 37026

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