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Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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  • Consultant


  • Italian
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  • Spain


  • Fuerteventura, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Online


Do you know when you no longer feel in the right shoes?

When on the outside everything may seem so perfect... but inside you feel a push for change that you don't know how to manage? This is exactly what happened to me!

Curiosity, the drive for life, for the exploration of human nature have always accompanied me and encouraged me to look further, until I arrived, in a particularly difficult moment in my life, at Claudia Rainville's books. Although I read, I informed myself, I asked myself questions, I struggled to "feel": I was still "far from myself" and continued to rely only on my cognitive part.

It was motherhood, in all its aspects, "lost" repeatedly and then finally "accomplished", that completely revolutionized my life. The first lesson I learned was "how can I take care of a new life, love it, listen to it take care of it... if I don't know how to take care of myself, love myself, listen to myself and take care of myself?". Through the Metamedicine seminars I finally contacted my essence and left behind asthma, migraines and chronic toothache that had accompanied me from an early age in a disabling way.

From that moment on, nothing was the same as before! Continuing on the path to becoming a consultant was a natural process as was continuing to do research, always going beyond what seems.  

Today I bring Metamedicine to the world, in 3 languages ​​and in many different nations and I combine it with my work with women on the Feminine 360° maternity, cyclicity, menopause, with business mentorship (finally I can put my first life as an economist at the service of a business with a soul) and to the expansion of consciousness.

In short, I participate in life with all of myself.

6 Calle Oliva K
La Oliva, Canarias
Spain 35640

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