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Annalisa Battistini

  • Consultant


  • Italian


  • Italy
Emilia Romagna


  • Cesena (FC), Online


Hi, I'm Annalisa Battistini. I
have always been passionate about phytotherapy, herbs and flowers that nature gives us,
humanistic subjects, psychology, Buddhist philosophy and fascinated by the journey of body and soul, in 2004 after previous and various vicissitudes of suffering that have left their mark on me. existence deeply , I wanted to embark on a personal journey to radically change some aspects of my life.
I graduated consecutively as a Naturopath, a profession that I carry out in my Holistic Studio in Cesena, and to complete my training I followed various studies and courses, deepening meditation techniques, which I practice and teach, energy rebalancing through breathing and other methods that they allow you to rediscover inner well-being on a holistic level. Until I learned about Metamedicine initially by reading the book and then through the courses that I followed with interest and participation in different areas of Italy. us that the teacher arrives when the student is ready...
I always say this path was a revolution and a revelation.

it was a path of fundamental importance for my inner growth, through which I was able to experience firsthand the benefits on a psycho-physical level and the healing of some emotional problems and physical illnesses such as gastritis, neck cancer uterus, thyroid nodules to name a few, finding the answers I had been looking for for a long time and recognizing myself completely responsible for my blocks and vicissitudes which until then had not been transformed. By becoming aware of what I was experiencing and the connection there was with what I had already experienced and memorized on an unconscious level in the past, I was able to understand, feel on an intimate level and transform and then free my potential. And from here I began the most beautiful journey ever , inside my inner world!
I have always believed that there was an important plan for me too
to live up to, and today I would like to propose to accompany listening , in the exploration of the soul, and in contacting the emotional and most intimate part, to find the great teaching that lies behind every emotional and physical discomfort, to rediscover the harmony and serenity that we deserve, to become aware and creators of our destiny, through Metamedicine which helps us to give voice to our inner guidance, which is often forgotten or not listened to, and not adequately nourished, risks making the body and mind ill... because we can and is our right to be happy.
Seeing is believing!

8 Corso cb Cavour
Cesena, Emilia-Romagna
Italy 47521

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