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Alessandra Carcano

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  • Monza, Online


I am a designer, I self-produce natural cosmetics and jewelery with plants and flowers, an aromatherapy and flower therapy operator, I do a thousand things and I love singing...

I arrived at my first Metamedicine seminar after having gone through many difficult situations, bad relationships, economic difficulties and small but infinite health problems.

Everything I committed to grew and then at some point collapsed. I had come to the conclusion that my mission in this life was to make the situations I came into grow, then once the task was finished, leave empty-handed and start over. In all senses.

But in all this whirlwind, where was I?

Sometimes I felt surrounded by a black cloud . I felt like an alien: I was sad, unhappy, angry at the world, terribly alone, always out of place or out of time. ...and I somatized everything: I had reflux cough, endless, incurable, for 8 years, then back pain, hernias, muscle pain and strange symptoms that appeared and then disappeared on their own... my body always sent me signals. When I also stopped singing and for me it was hitting rock bottom. Everything got worse and I started taking antidepressants even though I had never told anyone about it. But no, that couldn't be the solution.

Metamedicine allowed me to sweep away that cloud, to see myself, to find myself, to heal, to welcome myself and try to bring into the world all the harmony, the light, the colors, and the joy with which I arrived here and that I had I always believed I had to keep things hidden so as not to disturb, not to disappoint or make anyone angry, that I had to stay in my little corner because the others always had something or someone more important while I wasn't. By doing so (even though today I understood how much of a defense it was), I kept busy becoming good at a thousand things to be accepted, seen, but then I always stayed one step behind, in the shadows and only allowed myself the crumbs.

Today I am the one who sees and recognizes myself, I have learned to defend and love the little girl I was, to welcome all the beautiful things that life wants to give me, my body continues to communicate with me but now he and I understand each other story, I find myself walking in the woods, breathing, feeling grateful and telling myself that I'm happy now , that life is wonderful and everything that happens is always right and is just giving us the opportunity to learn something new.

I thank Claudia Rainville, Yvan Herin and all the consultants who helped me with this wonderful transformation every day and today what I would like with my heart is to be able to help others to feel this splendid lightness, ...exactly as it was done with me .


Biassono, Lombardy
Italy 20853

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