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Susanna Rossi

  • Animator
  • Consultant


  • Italian


  • Italy
Liguria , Tuscany


  • Viareggio, Sarzana (SP), Online


My path was born several years ago when I started looking for the way out of my suffering, of the discomfort I was experiencing without apparently having any major problems. I started asking myself many questions to understand the cause, wanting to find the path to serenity. I encountered a lot of help and support, then I understood that this help and support were an end in themselves if I didn't transform them into tools to use to get out of this suffering. I started as a leader of self-help groups with people experiencing the discomfort of panic attacks, and then became a Life Coach and later a Breath Coach and Counselor. When I met, or rather made sure that Metamedicine was seen by me, I began a journey that led me to touch my being more and more deeply and changed my daily life into something new and wonderful. . I finally found the answers to my questions, the cause of my discomfort, the reason why the same dynamics, the same scripts, were repeated in my life. I began to bring clarity within myself by understanding my part of responsibility in what I was experiencing, it was amazing to see how over the years I had nourished my beliefs and began to work on my wounds. I have learned to take on my share of responsibility by exiting the role of victim by giving others their share, no more justifications and manipulations to hide behind. From that moment I began to experience the freedom I was chasing so much. Now I offer all my personal experience to those who want to take that wonderful journey within themselves which will not always be easy, but it is the best gift that each of us can give ourselves.

2 Via della Foce
Viareggio, Tuscany
Italy 55049

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