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Renee Schottenfeld

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  • Italy


  • Bergamo


For many years I have followed various spiritual paths in an attempt to feel better about myself.
I received answers that helped me live, but I was always missing something. In the distant past, I used substances that dragged me into a dark tunnel of loneliness, at the bottom of which the only solution I found to my desperation was an attempted suicide. I finally asked for help and was helped to get out of substance addiction: it was a big step but it wasn't enough. My family, burdened by years of unresolved problems, broke down and I separated.

When I had the gift of learning about Metamedicine, during an information evening, I understood that this was the path I was looking for and that I had to follow, that I no longer had anything to lose and that perhaps a new light of awareness would be lit.

After my first contact with Metamedicine, I read all of Claudia Rainville's books with an enthusiasm that I hadn't felt for a long time.

Each page represented a new flame that lit up inside me to illuminate that darkness, so deep and intimate.

Then, the personal meeting with Claudia Rainville and her partner Yvan Herin marked a new, great turning point in my life . With Metamedicine I was helped to see in depth the origin of my wounds , of the depression that persecuted me since I was a child and of which I was not aware;
to discover many of my fears, to ask myself the reason for the ulcer that hurt my stomach and many other physical ailments whose causes and reasons I didn't understand and which never healed. When I was three and a half years old I was separated from my parents, assigned to unknown people and for three years I had to adapt to violence of all kinds in order to survive. During this period numerous painful events occurred, which left deep and never healed wounds in such a young child.

With Metamedicine I finally feel like a free woman , even if it is a journey that never ends, but now I am ready to welcome people who want help with the awareness that in these new relationships that are created thanks to Metamedicine, they lead me to discover of new sides of me and in getting to know the other, in consultations we both grow. Learning to grasp the beauty of life, what is hidden in people, what is in nature and in the universe; loving and discovering the beauty of gratitude and forgiveness are priceless gifts and new discoveries fill me with enthusiasm and like a child I feel the need to share my joy of living. Thanks to Metamedicina, thanks Claudia, thanks Yvan and thanks to all the friends with whom today I share the most beautiful and healthy part of my life.

35 Via Luigi Calvetti
Bergamo, Lombardy
Italy 24127

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