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Nathalie Berron

  • Person in helping relationship


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  • Switzerland
  • France


  • Genève, St. Genis Puilly (F)


I am a mass therapist, energetic, fitness instructor and coach in the Nordic region. My life parks are pleasant to me on a holistic journey for older kids. Child, my environment prefers nature. Having found a inspiring, creative and imaginative place where I found myself in a familiar, toxic and unpleasant environment. In adolescence, I clearly choose a victim role between father and mother, divorce, divorce, and it makes me feel the blessures of rejection, abandonment, and the emotions of profound sadness. I stayed in the infernal triangle of Boureau-Victime-Sauveur for 40 years. Adults, I want to know the kids, learn and share, I'm all attracted to massages, as well as sports, nutrition, magnetism and energetic health. Curieuse of my communiquer with the human and of mine connaitre in depth, the Métamédecine is present to me just after my divorce in 2012. After this meeting, I never cease to practice the tools of this process and of collection the grains of Métamédecine here ont progressively poussés in me and ont fait germinate a new philosophy of life theirs of this croissance. I can praise my EGO, my feelings, my doubts and my sadness to find a place for love, confidence, creativity and joy. I know, aujourd'hui, that but asking others in the past, it is a question for me to help me, for me to understand, for me to accept, for me to care for my inner child and adolescence that this makes me difficult for my old family in my past. Thanks to the Métamédecine, you have found but place on this planet and you will soon learn from others this unique philosophie of life, which is the source of goodness that all the world seeks, through the wisdom of heart and spirit. La Métamédecine a fait de me une femme épanouie et je me réjouis de partager cette belle énergie avec vous.

94 Avenue de la République
Saint-Genis-Pouilly, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
France 01630

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