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Lidia Vittonetto

  • Animator
  • Consultant
  • Trainer


  • Italian
  • English
  • Français


  • Italy


  • Bergamo, Sarnico


After reading Claudia's books, like many others I deeply desired to meet her and "by chance" I met her in 1926 at a conference in Turin. Since then I have followed her on a personal growth path and initially my role in Metamedicina was to be her official translator in Italy since Claudia is a native French speaker. Being next to her for many years I had the gift of learning a lot from her, both in working on myself, which is inevitable if we want to help others, and in listening to those who turn to me for advice. Since the 21st I have become a consultant and animator of a beautiful seminar called "Dare to be yourself" and which Claudia herself previously held. Now since 217 I have also been conducting the "Liberation from emotional memories" seminar, the basic Metamedicine seminar in which we work in groups to understand the mechanisms that block us in our lives and to become aware of the wounds that have deep roots in our past and particularly in our childhood and which have created mechanisms and beliefs that are unfavorable to us and which we always repeat as in a vicious circle. It is a beautiful and profound work that can also be done in an individual consultation but which in a group creates a magical sharing of deep empathy. Ours is a journey that never stops and in which every day I learn something about myself and through others. Metamedicine has now become an integral part of my life and my evolutionary path. Naturopath, also specialized in the use of flower therapy, I apply the keys of Metamedicine in a holistic work in order to re-establish a balance of body-mind and soul in listening to myself, to the messages of my body in order to then listen to those who are addressing to me and accompany him to the rediscovery of his own well-being.

Sarnico, Lombardy
Italy 24067

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