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Giusi Ferrario

  • Animator
  • Consultant


  • Italian


  • Italy
Lombardy , Piedmont


  • Milan, Alto Vergante, Online


My name is Giusi and today as an educational psychologist, professional coach and Metamedicine consultant I deal with personal and couple growth and since January 2021 I have also been the animator of a new seminar "Being Aware Parents", dedicated to parents and anyone who relates to children and teenagers .

I discovered Metamedicine in 2008, the year I lost my mother and my marriage ended. The apparent balance, which had kept me going for years, in reality just surviving, was broken and I fell into depression. Then my long and tiring journey began, which led me to the Rebirth. During this journey, in search of something that would really help me to concretely and completely transform that life of mine that I no longer loved to live, I discovered Metamedicine. And finally there was the turning point. Experiencing the powerful effectiveness of the method of liberating emotional memory on myself, I fell in love with Claudia's approach which helped me become aware of what I had experienced and was experiencing. This is how I was then able to free myself from certain past wounds and was able to transform some scripts of suffering that I continually replicated, without realizing it, and which had caused me a whole series of physical ailments, the message of which I had never been able to understand. listen. Today knowing the keys to Metamedicine, I smile at the thought of how blind I was in not realizing what my body was screaming at me without achieving anything. Now I am happy to be able to help those who come to me to bring to awareness those mechanisms that often have roots in childhood and that prevent them from realizing the life they want to live, from having fulfilling relationships and from daring to be authentically themselves, fully self-realization and complete well-being.

13 Piazza Sant' Angelo
Milan, Lombardy
Italy 20121

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