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Dolors Sanchis Alos

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  • Spain


  • Montacada (E)


When I came across, through one of these coincidences in life, Claudia Rainville's book Metamedicina, healing at your fingertips , over a funny meal in Switzerland, it immediately became very important to me.

In the following month I will find you in Italy for my first LME. Afterwards we met others, the training and all the rest of the complementary seminars, the companions and the always inestimable teaching of Claudia. I am completing the empty spaces in my life that were queried by the resolver.

Metamedicine was what I had been looking for for a long time, the focus that I dreamed of with the formula, but all the luck of finding it was formulated, structured and with a perfection and a 'savoir faire' that I was able to find in it. better than my dreams.

Actually, Metamedicine told me much more than what I could ever imagine. Now she is the principal person in my profession, and thanks to her, throughout the journey I travel with so many other teachers, I can say something like that throughout my life I have had a vague and inescapable idea: I feel professionally realized, like a human being and like a woman .

I currently work as a Metamedicine consultant, Familial Counseling facilitator, Reiki teacher and teacher and direct the Kintsugi School.

Also in cases like a personal mission I work as a lecturer on different aspects of health, illness and pain to shed light on the logic and coherence of the messages of our body and to try in an easy and appropriate way to all types of I publish new paradigms about well-being and health.

I am passionate about teaching, and I want to be a dynamic element of individual consciences with new ways of understanding and living the essence of being human from new, freer and more authentic paradigms; men and women connected with the primary, the corporal, the essential, the mythical, which can elevate and elevate humanity to the highest peaks of spirituality. All my human and professional journey is exciting (not easy to say), but today I can say that life is an adventure worth living, really the only adventure that can actually be lived.

1 Carrer de Santa Cecília
Montcada, Comunidad Valenciana
Spain 46113

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