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Francesca Comani

  • Animator
  • Consultant


  • Italian
  • Spanish


  • Italy
Emilia Romagna


  • Bologna, Online


Born in 1984, Bolognese by birth, South American at heart. She graduated in Law, in love with literature, history and philosophy, she is passionate about creativity. Wrap yourself in the scent of wood, sipping a herbal tea; mountains towering outside the window. Homemade pasta, Tyrolean for the Dolomites, the sea at dawn, the Roman accent, the Spanish language...bed and duvet, cinema and bulls and red dresses. Candles lit but not too much, linen and hemp blend tablecloth, red, white, yellow tulips...but also pink! And sunflowers, lots of sunflowers!

I encountered Metamedicine years ago when a book fell on my head from the top shelf of the bookshop: a sign ... on the head but above all inside.
A cure for the soul, a journey inside myself, difficult, sometimes a little scary but the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me; an explosion of life, of colors, of smiles. Feelings of guilt that melted like ice cream out of the fridge in the summer, having finally lost weight after having turned my extra kilos into armor, starting to love myself, sometimes giving myself a flower. All the pieces of the puzzle that fell into place and the answers that I could finally give to the questions that fifteen-year-old girl from the 90s asked herself in her secret diary. I devoured the entire Metamedicine journey repeatedly to respond to the hunger in my heart, then the idea of ​​becoming a Creative Motivator on the web to bring Metamedicine everywhere, enrolling in psychology university and publishing my first book.
I no longer need sunglasses when I encounter happiness. Now when we see each other, I take her arm and we go for a walk in the park. I didn't think it was so wonderful... happiness I mean. And now I'm sure of it.

Bologna, Emilia-Romagna
Italy 40125

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