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Chiara Sighel

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  • Consultant


  • Italian


  • Italy
Trentino Alto Adige


  • Trent


I have always been a person who was very committed to work, dedicating all my energy to it. Around the age of thirty, an event came across my path, making me reflect on the meaning of my life and reevaluate other values ​​that I had paid little attention to until then.

I thus embarked on new paths that led me to recognize myself and bring serenity into my life: Shiatzu, Reiki, Shamans, work on the Hara - center of our vital energy -, Breath.

One day I read a book by Claudia Rainville and I wanted to meet the person who wrote it. so seminar after seminar I delved into Metamedicine, finding in it a wonderful path that taught me to independently untie the various knots that had stratified like an onion inside me.

I thank Claudia, Yvan and all the collaborators of Metamedicina who have shared and still share this path which has helped me see the light inside me again, to have faith in life, to develop within me the awareness that I am never alone, because I have found my child part that I had abandoned.

Regrouping and harmonizing myself was important to understand who I am and what I want to do in my life.

For this reason, I am now an operator to make my experience available to others. Furthermore, I have also obtained a master's degree in NLP and Neurosemantics, becoming a Life Coach and a specialization in Counseling with registration in the SIAF professional register with number TR43-CO as well as a Master's degree in Orientation. Professional and in Mediation. Perfected in using Skype which allowed me to follow people all over the world with excellent results (Skype: news44).

Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige
Italy 38121

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