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Anna Losapio

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  • Italy


  • Bergamo


It is wonderful to observe how everything that happens in everyone's life is the result of a very specific plan. When I examine mine, I never cease to be amazed at how extraordinary what has been given to me by the Universe is.

My turning point came in 2012 while I was experiencing one of the most difficult periods of my life, what many call "The Dark Night of the Soul" and which was pushing me inexorably into the abyss of depression.

I prayed to God to give me the strength to go further, deeper than I had managed up to that moment, because even though I followed other paths, I realized that what I had done up to then was not enough. Why was all this happening to me? What lesson was I supposed to learn?

My marriage collapsed following the bankruptcy of my ex-husband's company, I lost my job, I had to sell everything we had built in a life of sacrifices and with many consequences on my daughter's life.

Everything on which I had based my security had collapsed.

I knew from experience that Life was offering me opportunities through that failure, but I was also aware that I needed help to understand the true meaning of what was happening to me. I prayed and asked.

I then found a brochure in a bar, which advertised an information evening on Metamedicine and I went there without stopping to think about it for even a moment, I followed my instinct.

It was immediately light. I completed the entire training course, driven by the desire to find the answers in acceptance and understanding, aware that only in this way could I achieve the healing of my soul.

I therefore followed a strong push that came from deep within me, a calm and pressing push, to open my own Metamedicine center that could give me the opportunity to offer what had been given to me to more people, and I had the support and opportunities that I needed. they were needed to make my dream come true.

Today I feel honored and grateful to make my experience available to help others and to have the opportunity, through this work, to continue this wonderful journey, growing thanks to the people I help and their awareness.

35 Via Luigi Calvetti
Bergamo, Lombardy
Italy 24127

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